Praise for Bob Denby

By addressing the personal side of employment, Inside Princeton enhances the work of HR and gives candidates the insights they need to relocate with confidence.


Listen to what clients and candidates have to say about working with founder Bob Denby. He's grateful for their kind words and energized by the positive experiences they've shared.

From Leadership

“Bob Denby has deep knowledge of the Princeton area and a very impressive network of contacts, which he combines with warmth, empathy, and humane insight. Inside Princeton is a tremendous asset for anyone seeking to recruit a potential employee and their family to the Princeton area.”


Sarah-Jane Leslie

Dean of the Graduate School

Princeton University

“In my role as Project Manager, I regularly interviewed and worked to recruit the best new members for our team. Bob was always my 'go-to' resource for candidates’ questions about Princeton—he knows everyone and everything about the area! And he always served as a great career mentor to me. Anyone would be lucky to benefit from his ideas and advice.”


Jody Weber

SVP, Bank of America

Former Project Manager, Jack Morton Exhibits

From Human Resources

"Putting Bob directly in touch with a finalist for an open position was always a smart move. He could answer virtually any question about the Princeton area, and his genuine and warm nature makes people instantly feel comfortable.


More than once, he made the difference in persuading a great candidate to accept our offer."


Rachel Vingsness

VP HR Director,

Jack Morton Worldwide

From a Candidate

“While living in Minneapolis, I got a call from a recruiter about a design position in the Princeton area. I’d received calls like that before, and I wasn’t eager to relocate. Still, I decided to let her connect me with the prospective employer: Bob Denby.


I expected a fast-talking East Coast type. But I was taken by how mellow and gracious Bob was on the phone. I decided, after having lived in the Midwest for my entire life, that it might be good to see what Bob and Princeton had to offer.


I traveled to New Jersey and had my interview. Then, the night before I was to return home, Bob called me at my hotel. He asked me to join him in the morning for a tour of the area. He didn’t know this at the time, but I’d already decided to pass on the position. I just didn’t feel ready to start my life over again. Nevertheless, I took him up on his offer.


Bob picked me up in the morning personally. What followed was the most wonderful introduction to Princeton and the surrounding communities, a casual visit with another creative director at the company, and a chance to meet Bob’s wife, Kate, with whom I immediately clicked. We went out for a very nice lunch together in Lambertville.


The experience made a real impression—as over the course of those three hours, I changed my mind. I decided to move to Princeton, join Bob’s company, and start a new life.


I worked with Bob until his retirement from Jack Morton, and we remain good friends to this day. I’ll always be glad I took his phone call, and then his tour. My life changed for the better when I moved to the East Coast. To a great degree, I know I have Bob to thank for it."


Chris Pouler

Principal, CPdesign 

Former Sr. Design Director, Jack Morton Exhibits

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