What We Do


On behalf of local employers, 
we introduce candidates, new hires and existing talent to the best of life in our community.

40 years ago, Bob Denby chose the Princeton area as the place to start his business and raise his children. His team's local ties are deep and diverse.

As our clients extend offers and focus on retention,
we help their talent relocate, settle in, and enjoy Princeton life.

Employees weigh job prospects across all factors: professional and personal. 
On behalf of our clients, we make settling here a win for the entire family.

Why It Matters


By addressing the personal side
 of employment, we give clients a competitive edge for securing
and retaining the best people.

National relocation firms have limits—and no local expertise. Our clients emphasize their goodwill by extending our personal guidance. 


About Inside Princeton

Inside Princeton helps local companies secure and retain the most competitive professional talent by providing one-on-one guidance to life in the Princeton area.

As you extend important offers and begin onboarding, let us address your talent's critical questions about getting acclimated and making the most of our community.

Bob Denby founded Inside Princeton in 2016 as a full-time area resident—bringing 40 years of passion and knowledge about Princeton businesses, school systems,
real estate, and many other facets of local life. 


Bob Denby, Founder



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